HungryHodler Soft Launch

Hey how’s it going everyone!

I’m excited to announce the soft launch of the HungryHodler website. This site is part of a much larger passion project for me as a long-time Bitcoin enthusiast, where I get to combine my love of Bitcoin and producing fun content.

Having been in Bitcoin since 2011, I’ve always wanted to contribute more to the community from the very beginning. I’ve done a few notable things like design both the old and current /r/bitcoin subreddit themes, as well as help onboard a ton of early users. I even tried to drum up support for a better “What is Bitcoin?” video back in 2014. But sometimes life takes you on unexpected journeys, and unfortunately my journey prevented me from being able to contribute on a greater scale. Until now.

In the run-up to the great 2018 bitcoin malaise, I saw many friends, acquaintances, and kind strangers get utterly consumed by the sheer volume of altcoin hype. The unrelenting barrage of empty buzzwords and disgusting amounts of misallocated retail capital effectively drowned out my efforts to reel them back in.

By now, we all know how this story ends. January 2018 rolled around, signaling the beginning of an inevitable, epic retracement. Most of my shitcoin bag holder friends lost a non-trivial amount of money, and encounters with “crypto” people throughout 2018 confirmed how real and widespread the fallout was.

I realized that aside from the insatiable greed that permeated the space, part of the reason behind the scale of devastation was the lack of Bitcoin-centric messaging that catered to entry-level and intermediate users. During 2017, many of the maximalist types were busy combating more advanced and potentially existential threats like Segwit2X/NYA and Bcash, leaving Bitcoin’s flank unguarded. If there were only compelling, simple-to-distribute, easy-to-digest resources that we could proliferate to newbies, there would’ve been a way for Bitcoiners to scale our outreach without having to burn time meeting every single argument head on.

Bitcoin doesn’t have a CMO, a marketing department, or PR agency on retainer. Hell, Bitcoin doesn’t even own its own dot com URL! In terms of grabbing hold of and shaping the collective global mindshare, it’s at a huge disadvantage to monied centralized projects seeking to present themselves as “the next Bitcoin.”

But this bear market, like the ones that have come before it, have only strengthened Bitcoin while its wannabe usurpers languish. The incredible progress made during 2018 has demonstrated to the world that Bitcoin is different. There is “crypto” and there is Bitcoin. The categorical distinction is as vast as chocolate coins versus actual gold. One is a tasty high time preference insulin spike that’s over before you know it; the other is the second hardest money on the planet next to Bitcoin.

HungryHodler is my attempt to build a resource during this bear market to help meet an inevitable need next hype cycle. And if you’re wondering, my typical messaging won’t be as blunt as what you’re reading in this post. After all, I am trying to guide new users, not DESTROY them with FACTS and LOGIC. What I can do is promise to be as compelling as I possibly can be in making a case for Bitcoin, while steering innocent people away from danger and financial ruin.

All of this being said, I can’t do much by myself to prevent most people from greed-inflicted self harm. I don’t think that highly of myself! But I will at least have a resource that I can point to when the next round of friends ask whether they should park their hard earned savings in XYZ Shitcoin Flavor of the Month Week Day.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for sticking with me. I feel fortunate to share this journey with so many amazing and talented people. I can only hope that my small contribution to the space makes a positive impact on someone out there!

Keep hodling,