Lightning Network Trust Chain – A Visualization

This is an animated visualization of the Lightning Network Trust Chain, started by Hodlonaut on Twitter.

The LN Trust Chain is a community event where brave and #reckless Twitter users have been paying forward lightning-powered transactions to fellow users in a casual queue. After receiving funds from the previous participant, the current torch-bearer adds 10,000 satoshis to the previous total before sending a payment to the next person in line.

The original starting amount was 100,000 satoshis, sent by Hodlonaut to @fartface2000. At the time of this writing, the LN Trust Chain exceeds 2,050,000 sat (~$75 USD) with 78 unique participants, making this a fantastic demonstration of trustworthiness in this small enthusiast community.

For more info, including an interactive map and spreadsheet, check out Bas Peters’ Take the Torch site.