Lightning Network Trust Chain – A Bitcoin Community Event

By popular demand, this is the follow-up to the original Lightning Network Trust Chain video. If you are unfamiliar with the LN Trust Chain, it’s a #BitcoinTwitter community event where participants send Lightning powered payments to each other on Twitter, increasing the amount received by 10,000 satoshis before sending payment along to the next person in line.

I decided to take a different approach with the second video. Because of the large amount of interest generated by the original, I thought it would be helpful to add a bit more context and narrative this time around. The Lightning Network Trust Chain has blown up quite a bit since the first vid, and I suspect many viewers would benefit from a brief explanation of what it is. I also included a few notable moments, such as Jack Dorsey’s participation, Jack Mallers’ mid-air interception, and Samson Mow and Stick’s extra-planetary invoice delivery.
Lightning Network Trust Chain Blockstream SatelliteThe response to this video has been nothing short of overwhelming and I’m truly grateful for all of the kind words I’ve receive. While being retweeted by Jack Dorsey was definitely a highlight, the countless messages from people saying the video “gave them chills” and using words like “inspirational” has meant the world to me as someone who has always wanted to contribute more meaningfully to the Bitcoin community.
Lightning Network Trust Chain Jack Dorsey RetweetTo be honest, I was a bit apprehensive to create a sequel because of the brutally manual process of animating all of the “hops” and tallying up payment values. I scripted the transaction amounts in the first video to increment linearly, but quite a few hops added more than 10k sats so the transaction values quickly fell out of sync. However, as the days went by and more people viewewd the first video, I witnessed genuine excitement around “torch bearers” locating their hops in the video and saw repeated requests for a follow-up. My conversations with Hodlonaut all but cemented the decision and I started work on Wednesday (Feb 6) with a self-imposed deadline of Saturday (Feb 9). Usually these types of animations take around a month to complete when I do contract work for clients, but I suppose nothing gets me as motivated and focused like Bitcoin!

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