The Lightning Network Trust Chain lives on, with a surprise guest taking hold of the torch: Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey, an investor in Lightning Labs, has become increasingly vocal about his thoughts on Bitcoin as the Internet’s de facto money. Clips from his recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience have made the rounds on Bitcoin Twitter, spurring renewed speculation around what this could mean for Bitcoin integration on Twitter, and more importantly, across Square’s enormous retail Point of Sale network and Cash App.

The Lightning Network Trust Chain is a community event where #reckless Lightning users pass funds to one another along a casual queue, organized through a confusing maze of Twitter posts. On February 4th, Matt Odell tagged Dorsey in a tweet, encouraging him to join in on the fun. A day later, Jack oblidged with a Lightning invoice for 2,860,000 satoshis (0.0286 BTC).

Jack Dorsey Lightning invoice to Matt Odell

If this wasn’t enough to get excited about, Jack followed up with a series of tweets in a thread that all but solidifies his position as a Bitcoin maximalist. He begins by answering which altcoins or tokens he holds, to which he replies: “I only have bitcoin.” Later, when asked to clarify his stance, he explains:

Bitcoin is resilient. Bitcoin is principled. Bitcoin is native to internet ideals. And it’s a great brand.

The thread is quite entertaining, and I encourage everyone to sift through it. Notable highlights include Jack bluntly dismissing shill attempts and confused altcoiners left reevaluating their bags.

The excitement around Jack’s participation is not due to another empty celebrity endorsement. There’s no denying that Twitter and Square are both hugely important and mainstream platforms in their respective domains. In light of Dorsey’s recent engagement with the Bitcoin community, it’s not crazy to believe that we’ll see a Bitcoin / Lightning powered Twitter and Square in the near future. Can you imagine how much progress will be made with these resources mobilized in service of advancing just Bitcoin and Lightning? We’ve never seen a mainstream company commit to Bitcoin without the peripheral distraction of supporting the endless altcoin copycats.

Say what you will about Jack Dorsey’s awful politics; his stance on Bitcoin is clearly at odds with his Silicon Valley peers. Dare I say this makes him a maverick?

Jack Dorsey, Bitcoin Maximalist

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